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I help organizations leverage the power of weather for protection and profit

Globally, climate change and associated extreme weather impacts are changing the way businesses operate. For this reason, the private weather enterprise is prime for expansion. My role within the enterprise is driving the momentum of weather organizations and concepts through education, brand awareness and private investment.

As an investor, I assist brilliant people with conceptualization and productization of their vision, then the introduction of resulting products or services to market with a goal of monetizing through direct end-user sales, acquisition or licensure. Most recent project: Weather Battle

Daily I serve as a marketing strategist within the weather enterprise. Creation of sustainable SaaS lead generation strategies in a complex, weather demand-driven marketplace is my focus. Beyond SaaS, I market leading stand-alone B2C mobile applications, as well as B2B companion applications.

I’m an Oklahoma State University School of Business graduate. Academic focus: Marketing and International Business.