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State of the Community

I have really enjoyed taking over Stormtrack and watching it slowly awaken from its social media induced slumber. It seems many have missed the days of talking about the weather with like-minded individuals. Many more have realized that half their social followers could give a rat's ass less about their weather hobby. Stormtrack is alive again.

We've spent a lot of time and money bringing the website as a whole onto a new platform. The platform is fresh, expandable and fun. We've spent a time and half more money and hours moving the site from a host who has difficulty keeping his equipment running, into the Amazon Cloud. This process has been, and is currently, underway.

Yeah, there's still some dipshits who have a total disrespect for the system and very obviously for me as the owner, but I think most people appreciate the effort the staff has put in and overall direction of the site. There is one thing that will never change with the chasing community and that's the self-served, self-righteous among us. The talk about their reputation, they talk about their accomplishments, they talk about why they are better than everyone, yet they are rarely anywhere to be found beneath a supercell. Some live nowhere near the plains and have absolutely no plans to chase, yet there they are on a chase forum. I cannot imagine being so bored - but I can imagine my tolerance level will be quite low where traditionally staff and ownership has been conservative with these types.

Hanston, KS Supercell Footprint

Parker Bros Commercial Stock Video