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Is Medium The New Twitter?

As this will be my first self-authored post actually written on the Medium platform, I have to ask myself if this is the answer for those of us with more than 140 characters of subject matter on our minds.
I've been drawn here no fewer than a dozen times over the course of the last three weeks, following links from various social media. I didn't need another blogging platform, after all, I already have a blogger account and many years of blog posts archived there… Then I logged in to make a comment on another’s post. Next I linked to a post from a news story, then a PR from a company I support, then a link from my own blogger blog. Now this.
Here I am again weighing my options regarding a switch. See, I tend to get bored with most platforms after a year or so. I like to move my content around. Seeing as Twitter is the only social platform that makes sense to me as a personal and business user, Medium could be the only platform that makes sense to me from a personal and professional blogging perspective.
The blog is on the move - again

The blog is on the move - again

My first shot at painting an RC body. Went with black metallic and it turned out decent. #traxxas #slash #rc #rccar #bodyart #metallica #vxl #lipo #hobby