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Some stats about severe weather from State Farm

In 2014, State Farm paid more than $870 million for claims as a result of tornado and high wind events. The top 10 states with the most tornado/wind State Farm claims were:  
  1. Illinois             10,884 claims
  2. Georgia            10,148 claims
  3. Texas               7,999 claims
  4. Ohio                 6,849 claims
  5. Tennessee        6,395 claims
  6. Indiana             5,945 claims
  7. Michigan          4,762 claims
  8. Alabama           4,612 claims
  9. Missouri           3,914 claims
  10. Kentucky          3,583 claims
This is a decrease from the nearly $1.3 billion the insurer paid for tornado and wind claims in 2013.

Annnnd, it's finally snowing

Gonna be a long couple of days