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Stormtrack Transition Update #4

In the background it has been a very busy week for the ST staff who continue to work their fingers to a nub in an effort to deliver a new experience to members. Over the previous weekend we invited the first three responders to my Transition Update #3 post to join us and try to break the new site. They gave it their best but in the end we really just focused on user permissions, some path issues and a typo... YES, a typo! I want to thank Jason Boggs, Shane Adams & Mike Toblin for spending time on the new site and providing feedback to staff over there and members here. Read their thoughts here.

Given the fact that we are to the point where a typo is one of the bigger issues, we will begin importing a test database tonight. Once we see how this task goes, we will set a firm date for launch.

A few notes:

  • We will delete member accounts that are more than a certain age, have very few or no posts, and have not logged in for ages. Specifics will depend on sample size.
  • We will go back to a proper name requirement. Feel free to adjust your name here or on the new website but be prepared for that. Acceptable: Steve Miller, S. Miller, Steve M.
  • I have lowered the banner advertising rate on the new site in an effort to better serve the entire member population. PM me if you would like the new rate table.
  • If you have a blog listed here on ST, please ensure you have updated it in the past few months, otherwise it may be deleted from the list. If you have a blog but it's not listed, list it!

Not a member of Stormtrack yet? Well come on!

Thanks again to all involved!
More soon...

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