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Stormtrack Sneak Peeks

Figured I would share some screenshots of some features we're including in the new version of Stormtrack. I have purposely omitted the header and footer areas. You'll have to check out the site after launch for those. Here are just a few of the cool things we are working on:

This is the chat area. It's simple, smooth and fast. If you're familiar with the current ST chat, you'll feel right at home. The chat will pop out into a separate window so those of you who were fans of the old Spotterchat will love it!

Check it out, you can host your photos on ST rather than a third-party website. Yes, you can do this on the current Stormtrack forum but now you can post albums, associate these albums with your profile, and even display them for fellow members to provide feedback and/or rank. As you can see, there are tons of options in the media area.

Speaking of photos, full fledged contests can now be hosted at Stormtrack. Prizes? Yes.
Anyone can start a contest and they are as simple as they look here in the screenshot.

Here's where things get interesting. This is the resources area where you can find anything from forecast links to extremely detailed chase accounts. We are very pleased to have Tim Marshall's blessing to publishing the FULL Stormtrack Magazine archive as well as other publications from the paper ST era.

We know a lot of you like to print things you find online in order to reference the in the field. This screenshot is the printed version of the last screenshot. Basically we index things for you and present it in a pleasing format.
Again, these are just a few of the features I wanted to go over. Things are really coming together in the background and I anticipate turning the site on in the very near future. I'll try to post a few more screenshots of other goodies in the coming days if there is time.

Stormtrack Transition Update #5

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