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Stormtrack Transition Update #3

We are officially in the third week of transition and things are moving along quite nicely.
The new website will be, for all intents and purposes, complete by mid week, at which time we will concentrate fully on content population of items outside of the primary database, i.e. FAQ, original ST mailings, wiki, etc.

I offer mad props to Mark Blue who has put the most time into this effort. Also, the design and idea skills of Dan Robinson have been essential. Thank yous also go to Patrick Marsh for PDF parsing a gazillion copies of the Stormtrack periodical. Scott Bennett has been a huge help with domain and server-side fun and Jesse Risley continues to assist with text items. Skip Talbot has been concentrating on the podcast I'm sure many of you have tuned in to watch over the past four weeks.

My internal goal upon Tim's announcement was to have a new site ready to launch prior to NSCC and now I'm ready to make that official. At this time I see no reason why we will not launch prior to that event. I will save teasers for my next transition post but suffice it to say, you'll be happy.

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