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Friday ice storm? Probably, but nothing significant.

Looks mostly dry for the rest of this evening with exception of some precip currently in SE OK. 

Friday? Well, southwestern and western OK look like the prime areas for ice accumulation but anywhere along the I44 corridor could see a mixed bag. Travel will be hindered but I don't see much in the way of widespread power outages anywhere in the state.

Accumulation? SW OK could see up to a 1/4" of ice accumulation. Central OK will see either a cold lingering rainfall throughout the day or, depending on where the freezing line sets up, *perhaps* up to an 1/8" of ice accumulation. SE OK will get rain.

NAM says SW OK should see some ice accumulation
Sperry Piltz Index is on the low end of the scale (a good thing!)

Just had to throw this in for fun. I always get a kick out of TV mets drawing lines through metro areas.


Arkansas & Red River Basin Wet/Dry Years