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2015 Tornado Poll Results

A week before the new year I published a poll on my social accounts that posed the question:
On average, 1253 tornadoes occur in the U.S. each year. In 2014 though, only around 827 were reported. How many tornadoes do YOU think will be reported in 2015? 
Respondents were from all backgrounds but the majority were not particularly involved in weather as a hobby or profession.
Results are as follows:

Was amazed how many people shared the poll. 

So 543 people clicked on the link to the poll and only 256 participated. That's odd to me.

It took people 38 seconds to read the poll and output their answer. Not a lot of research applied...
Of the 256 results I obtained, I used 251, throwing out 5 due to outlandish answers like "9" and "60,000". The highest guess was 2589 and lowest was 310.
The number of tornado reports in 2015 per this layperson poll is 1099 (mean).
For those curious, the median was 1080. 

Maybe some snow next week in Oklahoma?

DeJaVu - It's gonna be dry in the west