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Weather Bomb, Polar Vortex, Winter Storm Sally, Oh My!

It started with Frankenstorm. Then there was the Polar Vortex. Now Britain faces the "Weather Bomb".  Add in The Weather Channel tagging winter storms with proper names and all of a sudden you have completely removed the science from weather for the masses.

To standard-issue weather geek, terms like Bomb and Polar Vortex actually mean something, although they sound ominous to the layperson so they're perfect for media application. Frankenstorm, well, that was just a board forecaster having some fun in an official discussion. The NWS is still trying to shake that one off.

Weather tops the national news more often than not these days, what with climate change having been officially established even though we only have 130 years of record-keeping and 30 years of global data for a planet that's 4.54 billion years old. I digress. The weather is the weather. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad; but it's easier to talk to the masses about it when it's interesting and research shows the masses relate better to non-weather monikers than weather terminology.

So I've written all of this to basically say, stop spinning your wheels trying to fight the media machine. Naming is here to stay and extraction of only the most menacing weather terms will be the norm, and they'll rarely be used in proper context.

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