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River and Hawks Beware

P.E.T.A. and the Sierra Club will soon be calling on Northeastern State University in Oklahoma to change its name yet again due to the sanctity of its new compound name for its mascot: “Riverhawks”.
NSU is making this change in the wake of the NCAA banning the use of some American Indian mascots by sports teams during postseason tournaments.
Originally they were the “Redmen”. This offended those who operate casinos and sell cheap cigarettes to the white man therefore the NCAA was approached and here we are.
I have to wonder what the next level of fallout will be. Will we need to change the Martin Luther King Blvd, Street, or Expressway due to the fact that perhaps a span of concrete does not represent his persona and legacy effectively?
Will it soon be illegal for Mexican-Americans to proudly display an image of the Mother Mary and their last names in gothic silver lettering because the Jones’ and Smith’s of the U.S. are upset?
It seems before long the political correctness of society will have us all spending more time covering our asses than doing what we should be doing – enjoying life!

By the way, NSU was a predominately Native American college when it was founded and the Redmen name selected and established. What ever happened to tradition?

A very interesting day at the lake...