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More Fall Thoughts...

It is definitely fall now. Trees are changing and jackets are required at dawn and dusk. Many other more local events signal the change from nice weather to the hideous cold – Oktoberfest and the Wanenmacher’s Arms Show are this weekend as well as the Oklahoma State homecoming game and the yearly winterizing of the boat is scheduled for Monday. I suppose it’s time to figure out what the hell I will do with myself over the winter months. That’s what I get for centering my primary interests around spring-time severe weather and summer-time boating.

More on Wanenmacher’s:
The right-wing redneck in me will shine through when I attend this self proclaimed “largest arms show in the world”.
I agree it must be a big one as when I walk through the parking lot at the Tulsa Expo Center where the show is held, I see license tags from all over the country. All of this attention for a bunch of guns… Damn right!
So each year I go, I have a specific gun I am looking for. My super-cool .357 Magnum and never-fired SKS are results of good deals I found at this particular show. Tomorrow’s find will hopefully be a new Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum or a Beretta 9mm, 92FS. There is something about a hand cannon that just really appeals to me though so the .44 will be my primary interest.
If you even remotely think you would be interested in attending a gun show, this is the one to attend.

With all this talk of fall and winter, I leave you with a picture of us on the water (even IN the water) at Ft. Gibson Lake, OK only two weeks ago. Good times - - - good times…

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