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Just another post about the Tampa lightning strike

WDT's WeatherOps with lightning overlay at the time of the event.
Seven people were transported to St. Joseph's Hospital after lightning struck in a parking lot near Raymond James Stadium after Sunday's game between the Buccaneers and Packers.

A Tampa Fire Department official said there was an "indirect lightning strike" in Parking Lot 14 minutes after the game ended and multiple people were knocked to the ground by the force. The official said four or five other people were knocked down, but declined to be transported to the hospital.

Medics that were staffing the game were the first to arrive on the scene and began treating the injuries. The official said the age of those who were transported ranged in age from early 20s to above 70.

The Weather Channel lightning map features a strike nowhere near lot 14
One of the vehicles affected by the strike
Another view
Emergency responders
Wide view of responders on the scene
It's truly impressive just how well social media works to collect news. With exception of the top map, which I produced out of the WDT WeatherOps system, each of these images were available within minutes of event occurrence.

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