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It's Official...

Just when I thought Americans could not get any more greedy...
Anyone who says America is not the most powerful country on the planet should take a quick look at the PS3 offerings on eBay right now. 6901 units are on sale with nearly none of them selling for less than $1,000. Some are over $5,000 with an $80 shipping fee! And that's just eBay. Imagine what is going on at other websites, on the streets and the ever-popular black market.
Why does this verify that America is the most powerful country in the world? Well, do you know of another country that has citizens willing to stand in line for a week to purchase a video game console only to turn around and sell it? Do you think citizens in China would do that?
Hell no! They would stand in line for a week, buy a console, then keep it and play it!
America is a capitalistic country to the core. If there is money to be made off something, even if it is via the exploitation of others, we will find a way...

So, if anyone out there wants to buy a PS3, I'll sell you mine for $5,500. NO SHIPPING!

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