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Here it comes!

If you live in Oklahoma it would be a good idea to really enjoy the upcoming weekend because deep fall and winter-like temps are just around the corner. One saving grace is the total lack of snow cover on the plains south of the U.S. / Canada border. This one would be a true bone-chiller if it weren't for that.
The arctic airmass slowly pushing south will make its presence known late Wednesday and if we can get enough low-level moisture to build in, perhaps a good lightning show will be in store and even a marginally severe storm might fire. Current models indicate the best possibility will be to the southeast of Tulsa at this time although the timing/placement will change given the amount of time between now and then.
Note: Models up until this morning had activity centered over a Tulsa to Parsons, KS area for Wednesday.
Looks like some decent rain possibilities Monday and Tuesday from Tulsa to the north. Might help send some water down our way. Our lakes need it!

Severe then Winter?

Prelim Forecast 11/27/06