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Stealing from Bob...

Stole Bob Hall's idea of changing the color of headings here at the HamWx chase blog. After experimenting with several colors, I opted to just copy his verbatim and hope he chooses not to sue me for it.
In other news, there is talk of severe weather in OK on Sunday although the set-up for tornadic potential has looked better for today over the past several days than Sunday ever will (in OKLA). I am hoping for a little lightning to shoot but I am sure by the time it gets late enough for nighttime lightning photography, the storms will be well in to Arkansas. Regardless, I will be out there if for nothing else, to try out my new camcorder.
Haven’t looked at much since yesterday, model-wise and it appeared Ada, OK would be a good starting target for about 4:00PM Sunday as of then. I’m positive everything has changed by now.
It appears chasers in the northern states will have a wonderful bounty Sunday.

Spring-like Wx

From NWS Tulsa: