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What an appropriate title for a 2006 storm chase video! More on this in a minute…

I have never been much of a reviewer. Spending an hour or two of my time writing, trying to crawl up another chasers’ ass by reviewing their annual video and posting brilliant affirmation regarding said video to forums and e-mail lists is just not my style. I trade and buy videos each year though and Shane Adams' work is generally a "must watch". He takes care of business by shooting/editing fine DVD’s along with production assistance by Mickey Ptak.

Shane’s 2006 edition is worth writing about.

Lemonade is just that; taking what Mother Nature gave us in 2006 and making the best of it.
Lemonade is the quintessential chase video in that it is real. There is no time lapse, no video “tricks”, no bleeping of language and no skipping around and just showing the juicy parts. It is very apparent that Shane loves every aspect of weather and cherishes his time on the road. There is also no question that if someone assists Shane, he is appreciative and never forgets anyone who has helped him along the way when it comes to credits. The credits in this latest edition are quite funny by the way…

If you want to see how real chasers chase, hear the real things chasers say when they are chasing, and have a desire to understand the ups and downs while in the field, you should take a look at this DVD.

I watch many videos in the course of a year and Shane’s work is always in the handful I consider to be high quality and enjoyable.
Let this be a lesson to those of you who are currently working on your storyboard. Keep it real and tell a story!

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