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From Behind the Wheel

With cooler weather now no longer just an occasional visitor, any hope of decent storms is gone. This evening I was editing some pictures from a chase Bob and I took on Sept 21st and came across one that gave an interesting perspective. It is the fairly regular view I have while behind the wheel of the chase jeep. I have no idea why I snapped this pic but, with seemingly little subject, even this picture manages to speak a thousand words. These words are, of course, spoken in a language only other chasers understand…
Interesting observations:
  • The life-force around modern chasing (the laptop) displaying radar and additional communication/information ability via the little red stinger piping in mobile data
  • A HAM radio with APRS throwing out our coordinates behind the scenes while the 146.55 unofficial simplex station is dialed in for 2m communications
  • The temp gauge sitting right around 210 degrees with low oil pressure indicating an idling chase vehicle
  • Air conditioning turned on – always a must with Bob in the car
  • Two tripods sitting with no cameras on them – must be raining
  • Bob snapping pictures with his point and shoot

Fun times. Sure am looking forward to wintry weather so I will have something to shoot…

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