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Free Independent Auditing!

I have determined there is no need for an outside council, congressional panel, or independent auditor for assessment of agencies falling under the NOAA umbrella. Why should the government, and ultimately you and me, have to fit the bill for finding things wrong with the SPC, NWS, NSSL, etc. in such an instance when we have every single mistake pointed out on various weather-related forums?
I too agree the automation of forecast products from different agencies make for an interesting read every now and then. I find obscure observations kinda funny sometimes too. I don’t feel the urge to write about each one though. Glad others have time to do so. Bureaucrats take note and take advantage of this freebie!

Speaking of weather forums, last year was the year of the blog. This year appears to be the year of the forum. Did creating forums get easier / cheaper or is this the “new blog”?

Forecast 09/21/06