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Fair Game...

Left to right: Andrea(wife), me, Cathy(an employee) Erin and Aaron (now ex-boyfriend/girlfriend) Congrats on that man!

Andrea and I attended the Tulsa State Fair last evening with friends. We go to the fair every year and every year we find the exact same vendors, booths, exhibits, games and rides. The only thing that changes is what new item the carnies have learned to deep fry while smoking their doob after-hours and what musical entertainment gets booked. For those of you who might be curious, fried macaroni and cheese and fried mashed potatoes were the new deep-fried goodness and decent entertainment includes Gary Allen, Pat Green and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

I generally leave the state fair with more questions than I went with so I thought I would share a few here. Perhaps someone can help me answer them.
1.) Where are all of these degenerate people (fairgoers, not carnies) during the rest of the year? Where do they work? Do they work? How do they get to the fair? Is that one of my hard-earned tax dollars some democrat decided to GIVE to them to play the goldfish/ping pong game where they will ultimately win a fish which will translate to another mouth to feed?

2.) Does BoBo the clown ever come off his shift at the dunk tank and get his ass beat to within inches of his life? I observed a little Goth kid (make-up and all) shed tears yesterday when he was on the receiving end of BoBo the clowns’ antics. Could that kid beat BoBo up? No.

Was that kid carrying a gun? Probably.

3.) In the expo center I saw a Chevy Tahoe for $45,900. It was fully loaded.
One aisle over in an RV section I saw a 24’ Class C motor home, fully loaded with generator/queen-size bed/etc., for $48,300. Why is this?

4.) What exactly do carnies do at night after the fair closes? What do they do with all that cash?
I have often thought if I were to become a robber some day I would hit doughnut shops at 10am. They are an all-cash business, unassuming, and by 10am, have lots-o-cash. I'm thinking more of a seasonal robber might be the better route though. One big hit, afterhours, at the fair. Carnie beware!
- - -
A favorite of mine is hearing the crazy things expo vendors say to get people’s attention.
And the winners for the best fair vendor quotes:
Watching a vendor demonstrate the strength of his amazing carbide drill bit while drilling in to a metal flat file like you find in your toolbox:
“If it’s not a file you need to drill, how bout this piece of tile”
I can’t tell you how many times I have needed to drill a hole in a flat file.

While walking by a toothless vendor who sets the hood of a car on fire to demonstrate the strength of his $30/bottle car wax we hear him say:
“Come see the same demonstration I made for the President of the United States”
Ummm, yeah, right…

Finally, the Gary Allen concert was very entertaining. If you have an opportunity to see him live, you should.

Overall, we had a great time at the fair. It’s a good opportunity for me to be reminded why I went to college…

Another Round...

Flights canceled due to pretty colors