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Event-specific Forecasting Works

Message that was posted by the University of Oklahoma this morning on social media 
This morning WDT meteorologists determined that at the time of kickoff, lightning will likely be in the Norman area.  Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium is a venue capable of holding over 82,000 fans and another 2,000 ancillary staff. Per NCAA standards, lightning within 6 miles of a sanctioned outdoor event requires postponement or cancellation of said event. Only recently has the "potential" of lightning being in an area of an NCAA sanctioned event that will occur in the future been recognized.

WDT Meteorologist JR Hehnly briefing various decision makers 
Officials representing University of Oklahoma Emergency Preparedness, NCAA, and Fox Sports gathered around the radar as WDT meteorologist JR Henhly analyzed and and communicated with meteorologists back in the office.

1:13p UPDATE: The game kicked off at 12:30 as recommended and is currently underway without threat. There is lightning within about 28 miles as I write but it looks to remain north of the stadium. Any other lightning potential will occur in about an hour.

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