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College Football Is Here!

Okay, my college isn't listed below but on this particular day, I don't care! It is finally time for the college football season to begin. I believe the first televised game starts at 5:00pm CDT. It is 4:45 and I'm leaving the office now.
The following is a list of top teams and their odds that was sent to me by the sports book I, um, yeah - happened across. Never would I place a wager on a sport... Umm, yeah.

Notre Dame 4-1
Ohio St 7-1
USC 8-1
West Virginia 8-1
Texas 10-1
Auburn 12-1
Florida 15-1
California 15-1
Oklahoma 15-1
Louisville 18-1
Iowa 20-1
Michigan 20-1
Florida St 20-1
Miami FL 25-1
LSU 25-1
Penn St 40-1
Virginia Tech 40-1
Nebraska 50-1
Arizona St 50-1
Georgia 60-1
Tennessee 60-1
Oregon 70-1
Clemson 70-1


Heard it here, umm, last...