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Chaser Police Part II...

Whew, sorry for the steady posting of maps and forecast stuff over the past couple of days without much commentary. I have been very busy ever since Friday after work when I rented a mini-van with Kansas plates and drove at the speed of light north toward South Dakota to chase. It was the funniest thing – while I was up there this chaser pulled out in front of me on a dirt road and I almost T-boned him! I missed which is a good thing since I had that puppy up to over 80MPH.
For anyone thinking this is the most odd story you have read in a while, please refer to this link for a little background.

Excessive driving speed of chasers is brought up on a regular basis in the chasing community. Of late it seems I hear the same people screaming about it though.

Face it, at one time or another, storm chasers speed. At one time or another EVERY individual speeds (except maybe my dad…).
In my experiences chasing, I have never had anyone upset me by driving fast to the point I would rat them out to others in my hobby.
It’s interesting to me that the same chasers have such unfortunate luck. It is equally interesting to me that reputation in the community means enough to some that they would go as far as naming names of offenders.

There is the constant buzz that the chase community will someday be regulated. That will never happen as we live in a free country and can pretty much do as we please when it comes to the normal activity of chasing a storm. Sure, if we keep pissing off local authorities all over the plains they will likely not be so forgiving as years go by but our right as Americans to spend thousands of our hard-earned dollars on equipment, hotels, gas, and food in order to go out and point a camera at a severe storm will always exist.

Policing ourselves and each other to stay in check is always a good idea. Taking aim at SPECIFIC chasers in public forum is risky. Perhaps that is why accusing chasers experience so many “near-misses” while out chasing?