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Watching from the cheap seats...

It appears the media darling for the next few years will be the almighty hurricane.
We all watched as Hurricane Katrina, among other less-damaging storms, ravaged the gulf coast in 2005. What a weather news year that was…
This year all the news-related websites have their crosshairs aimed at the next big storm. As I write, that storm is Chris – which happens to be a Tropical Depression with a 15% chance of becoming a Category One Hurricane in the next 72 hours. Big deal.
Examining the following news stories from various well known online sources, a different picture is painted:
“Lower June, July activity does not indicate below-average hurricane season”
“As Tropical Storm Chris threatens to strengthen into a hurricane and strike Puerto Rico…”
“The number of storms will take off in the coming months”
Chris now a depression, could reorganize
“Tropical Storm Chris Strengthens in Eastern Caribbean”

My favorite news story was written on June 20th (the very beginning of hurricane season) and was titled:
“Experts: Worst of hurricane season yet to come”
No shit? Really?

Fortunately for weather buffs like me, coverage of hurricanes will be very good this year and in years to come, with many greenhorn reporters putting themselves in the path for their respective news stations to get that priceless shot and commentary.
Every year I think it might be fun to load up the chase vehicle and head south to the action and every year I talk myself out of it. Probably for the same reason I would rather watch baseball and football on TV than live in a stadium – it’s easier – plus, the latest chaser to go public about chase video saturation might become even more upset.