I'm a private weather industry business leader with 18 years of applied operations, sales and marketing experience. 

This is my world. Tonight WDT had a problem in one of its data centers. The quickest way for us to learn about a problem is not the support contact number or email address that is readily available within our apps, it’s people taking their issues directly to social media. So let’s break this down:

8:41 this user is letting us know there is an issue. We respond with a “we’re on it, thank you” type message.

8:42 user has decided she dislikes our app and will delete it.

8:46 user has taken a moment to look around for other people who might be having issues. She finds one plus adds James Spann to the tweet for good measure. Might as well kick the dog while it’s down, right?

8:52 user has slight remorse after we again advise her, Spann, and the other user that we are working diligently on the problem. She also has a TV apparently…

9:03 11 minutes has passed and  the user has circled back around and decided to be mad at us again. Fortunately she didn’t have enough characters remaining to wrangle additional twitter attention.

As I write this a whole bunch of people are working their fingers to a nub to fix this problem and make Weather Radio work great for everyone, regardless of location. We offer 24/7/365 support in order ensure these problems are solved in the quickest way possible. 

No other weather application offers this type of service to it’s users. 

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