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Rodney Carrington & True Cowboys

A Review:
This weekend I visited my old stomping grounds with an old college buddy. I guess we are “old” now since, well, we felt really old there!
Our trek back to Oklahoma State University’s hometown of Stillwater, OK was prompted by the scheduled appearance of comedian Rodney Carrington at Tumbleweed Dance Hall.
My buddy and I paid $35/ticket for what I consider to be a fairly lame performance. This is only my opinion of course, but I have paid much less for performances by comedians in the same league (Larry the Cable Guy & Ron White) and been more entertained.
The show started with two back-to-back comedians who were somewhat entertaining. When it was time for Rodney to come on, the huge video screens lit up with what else? COMMERCIALS! What the hell people? This is why I refuse to watch movies in the theater anymore and why DVR is the best invention ever. I HATE commercials. If I am paying to be entertained, I don’t want to have my time gobbled up with someone pitching a product.
Anyway, the commercials ended and four Rodney Carrington music videos played. Now, these were funny “spoof” type music videos but nothing I haven’t already seen on TV at some point or another. Again I am asking myself why I paid to see this.
After commercials and self-promoting worn-out music videos, I shit you not, I had to sit and watch 20 minutes of outtakes from Rodney’s sitcom. After the first 3 or 4 minutes of outtake reel, that kind of thing gets really old.
Finally, 45 minutes in to his “act” Rodney comes out on stage and delivers 15 solid minutes of gut wrenching comedy that rated up there with the guys I previously mentioned. Right there in the middle, he brought his wife up on stage to tell us al she had some sort of kidney disease and plugged a kidney-related non-profit they support.
Next was more freaking music. Rodney sung 4 more of his funny songs then proceeded to close his show with a story about his best friend who died in his sleep while on tour with him last year. This story went on and on and then Rodney played a tribute video about this dead guy’s life.
I left during the video to go back inside the Dance Hall to air conditioning and cold beer and indeed the show was over after that video finished.

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m human and sure sorry Rodney lost his best friend and that his wife has some kind of non-life threatening disease but these topics, in addition to advertising and throwing out really old video material, then only doing comedy for about 20-25 minutes is a little much for the price – and I’m not usually one to complain about costs…
Rant over…

This event was very cool in that it reminded me of my college years. Being back in that old bar in the middle of nowhere surrounded by some of the most rural rednecks one might ever meet was refreshing in a way.
Those farmers and true cowboys from rural central and western Oklahoma are inspiring to this city dweller.
They lead a simple life yet that life is 10-times harder than mine.

An event such as this one brings them out of the woodwork, dressed in their best garb, driving their big-ass shiny trucks and drinking nothing but Coors Light.
I find this inspirational because I know there are people out there who still live off the land and appreciate everything they earn. They come to Dance Halls such as the Tumbleweed, in the middle of nowhere, to unwind and meet others of their kind.

Hope they weren’t pissed off about the lame show…

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