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Reasonable Temps and RAIN!

I was right about last night - chances of precip were not near as good as tonight.
Looks like we will get ours though as coverage is currently increasing with time and should continue to do so until around midnight - plenty of time to get a shower to cross over my yard. Just in case though, I doused it with another 9,000 gallons of H2O this evening...

For the first time in a long time overnight temps will be "normal". Now perhaps my air conditioner will shut off long enough for that little wheel on my electric meter to gyro down to a reasonable speed. Has anyone else been scared to check the mail lately?

Needless to say, Public Service Company of Oklahoma (electric) and City of Tulsa (water) should be taking me to dinner or something for being such a great customer - right? I'll hold my breath starting right - - - - NOW.

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Rain, Evaporation and Broken Props