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Rain, Evaporation and Broken Props

After dumping a swimming pools-worth of water on my yard today, rain looks possible overnight here in NE Okla. Chances are better tomorrow evening though as the cold front pushes on into the area.

We really need the rain. Here in Tulsa we aren't that far behind on precip for the year but the past two year's of drought is taking its toll on area water supplies and recreation lakes.
I learned from a friend this weekend that Keystone Lake, located just west of Tulsa, is experiencing evaporation at the rate of nearly 1/2" per day. This, coupled with the consistent release of water from the dam for the generation of electricity, will surly take its toll on spawning fish, recreation, etc. It took its toll on the prop of my boat on Saturday... The lake is low enough now that islands are appearing I never knew existed. Kinda scary really...

Steve Miller TX discussed in his latest blog entry that he would like to research the 1930's drought data and compare it to current data to see just how far away for a disaster of that scale we are today. He states he does not have time to do it, nor do I. I wonder if there is somewhere on the www that have a synopsis?

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