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I Piss Excellence...

For those of you who caught Talladega Nights at the theater this weekend, you are getting a kick out of the title of this entry. Those who didn’t see it think I’m a bigger prick than they previously thought. That’s fine too.

I have been waiting on a movie that would actually get me in a theater again and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was just that movie.

After seeing Will Ferrell in Anchorman and Old School, along with cameos in other films I figured it would be worth my money and time to actually see this movie in the theater. It has been awhile since I’ve “gone to the movies”. I suppose DVD’s, a decent-size TV and comfortable couch has sufficed over the past few years.

This was about to be a review but I have determined it is too late to continue writing. I’m far enough into this entry now though that I will go ahead and post it… Lucky you!

Anyway, go see this movie, it is well worth it. Stay for the credits.

Worth a thousand words...