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Heard it here, umm, last...

As quick as the news came, it left. Apparently there is no tsunami threat and the earthquake that prompted the alarm was downgraded to a 5.4 from a 6.4. See previous entry for when and where info.
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As predicted, Ernesto is a dog of a storm yet the media STILL loves it and are still attempting to pump it up. Here are some current headlines regarding the storm now classified as a Tropical Storm:
  • Ernesto heads for Florida, likely to strengthen -MSNBC
  • Residents warned storm can do damage regardless if it becomes hurricane -MSNBC
  • Poised to take on south Florida, Tropical Storm Ernesto intensified slightly early today CNN
  • Rain from Tropical Storm Ernesto swept across parts of the vulnerable Florida Keys on Tuesday morning -Fox News
  • Ernesto Forces Space Shuttle Inside - You, Too, Can Be A Weatherman -CBSNews

The last one is my favorite becasue CBS used an Ernesto story to pitch a product advertised by a sponsor of their website!
I think I will add news headlines to more of my current event type of blog entries. Headlines help me, and probably others, understand why we seem to live in a world of doom and gloom all the time. Is it really necessary to be so negative you media people?

Why not have headlines like:

  • GREAT NEWS! Ernesto is downgraded (again)!
  • Ernesto, the hurricane that couldn't
  • Ernesto not likely to cause too much damage

Oh well...

College Football Is Here!

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