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After six-weeks of waiting for the boat to arrive, it finally did today.
The top picture is one taken as I was coming in from the shake-down run with the dealer.
The second pic is, of course, Andie and I enjoying the new boat...

The hardest part is having to break in the new motor. This thing is a 5.7L beast that just wants to run but I can't take it over about 3200RPM for the first 10 hours. I put 1.5 hours on it this evening. I have a feeling by friday afternoon I will have enough on it to open it up a bit.

Gas is 2.79 off the water and 2.99 on the water which makes for a $145.00 fill-up. These 10 break-in hours might get expensive!

For the record - I am not naked in the picture above...

Barnsdall Storm