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Ebola Is Here! Except It's Not.

This morning some dude walks into Deaconess Hospital in OKC with symptoms of the Ebola virus. Mind you symptoms of the virus are the same symptoms anyone who eats the two tamale dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido would have afterward.

Anyway, some hospital employee leaks the concern and media gets ahold of it. As fast as fancy graphics can be made, breaking news goes to air and social media lights up. After all, there is an Ebola case in OKC now and even though it is contained and the guy is the care of professionals in the proper environment, the news MUST be delivered to the general public right away. They NEED to know NOW.

Fast forward an hour and the hospital releases a simple statement that says, “hey folks, we tested the guy and it turns out he Ted’s last night for dinner. He does not have Ebola - but his landlord recently traveled from Africa.”

Now fast forward to present. A helicopter is shooting video of the home where the person who just traveled from Africa lives.

Synopsis: The media would love for this to have been an actual Ebola case.

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