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There is an interesting phenomenon going on here lately with electronics, specifically camcorders. Bob Hall and I were discussing the prices of camcorders a few weeks ago. Seems his Sony hi-def is still retailing for the same amount he paid for it over a year ago. Pretty impressive considering every other type of electronics we use to chase with loses value immediately with the exception of an amateur radio or two.

Recently I decided I wanted to change from my current MiniDV camcorder (Panasonic PV-GS400) to a Sony hard drive camcorder (more on that in future entries). I posted to a couple of forums with information about my used camera and a low, low price of $800-850.

At around the same time I went out on eBay and saw my exact same camera with fewer extra add-ons and it sold for $1,720. HOLY CRAP!

Needless to say, I promptly revoked my offer to sell the camera on the forums and went out to eBay for a try at some decent cash.

I paid $999 for this camera brand new. Who’d have thought I would be able to sell it for over $1,500. On eBay right now the bidding is at $1,100…

I’m sure this only means the camera does something incredibly amazing that I won’t know of until after I sell it. Oh well. Now the only dilemma I have is determining whether to buy the hi-def hard drive sony or the non-hi-def.

I would like to thank the jerks at Amazon for raising the price on the sony I was planning to buy. They went up $125 on the DCR-SR100 I was looking at. I guess B&H will get another sale in a few days.

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