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Weekend Down the Tubes?

For the past few years I have planned camping trips, out of town trips, etc. over Memorial Day weekend. Each time I would solidify plans I secretly had my fingers crossed behind my back hoping, wishing severe weather would hold off so I could manage to spend time with family and/or friends.
EVERY Memorial Day weekend since I can remember has had at least one chase day. It’s a given now that this particular weekend is almost always a producer.

I did not make plans do a damn thing this weekend. Naturally, based on cold hard stats, I banked on a chaseable system.

Much like when someone says they washed their car and that's why it rained; I quite possibly could be at fault for all you chasers having a potential "dry" holiday weekend. Neglecting my normal Memorial Day weekend expositions in hopes of chaseable weather has caused the current outlook. I am to blame.

For the sake of those going out this weekend and others who are starting their one, two or three week vacation, I hope things turn around and produce for you.
For those running chase tour companies - HOLY CRAP! Life sucks, eh?

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