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Update Long Overdue...

I figure I'll start out with my phallic weather image of the week. Usually the SPC supplies such material for my extensive collection but this one came from a website I visited a few weeks ago.
* * *

Well, I suppose ten-days between posts is a bit extreme considering my usual regular updates here on the HamWx blog. Being out of town a lot, my limited internet time is better spent returning e-mails to people asking why I'm not updating my blog and, of course, forecasting...

Tomorrow is looking like a chase day; if for nothing else, to get out and shoot some stock photos and video. Tornado potential looks minimal but very focused. Tomorrow is cut and dry so I'll move along to another subject and see some of you in SW KS.

Congrats to Bob Hall, Justin Teague and Matt Patterson for bagging a nice tornado last Saturday evening. Video can be seen here as well as a fine example of people showing their ass in the "comments" section. I am happy to see that people show their ass in the comments section of other people blogs besides mine. Thanks Bob!

While on the subject of showing one's ass, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the name Randy Hicks here in the blog. I really have little to say about this guy because I do not know him although I do know of him. He really stirred up the chase community this week with his tense drive through extremely dangerous 40kt RFD. Heh. Face it; the people shouting loudest are the people who weren’t able to sell their video because this guy screwed it up for them. He had more interesting and sellable video. Simple.
Next time I am around a bunch of blowing dust I’m going to drive back and forth through it and scream profanities while shaking the camera a lot. I will sell this to CNN – watch for it.
Interesting blog / comments about Mr. Hicks and 4/15 can be found here.

Aside from chasing, I learned just how important migrant workers are to our country. I really had no idea until a couple of pallets of sod were dropped off and my wife and I spent most of Easter Sunday unrolling it in the yard. I can’t imagine working like that all day every day and would like to thank all the migrant workers for doing these types of work.
Hint: when you want to protest immigration laws in the U.S., I don’t advise gathering in a group in a small area – you are liable to get ushered back to where you came from. Oh, and paying sales tax on that Mother Mary candle at the grocery store does not constitute “paying taxes”. Stop saying “we pay taxes therefore we have rights!” Become a U.S. citizen and you will have the rights you desire. You will also forfeit 40% of your paycheck AND pay that sales tax on your Jesus candle.
Everyone thought Steve Forbes’ Flat Tax idea was lame… Who’s laughing now?

Last, I am revamping the HamWx website a little. I have decided to take down chase accounts for the time being. I might decide to put up current year-to-date stuff and remove it each year or something like that. I can’t seem to find the desire to go back and transfer old hand-written logs to text or scan photos just to show a bunch of critical people who really don’t care anyway. It looked lame to start the logs in 2002 when I transferred to digital so I took the whole feature down. Guess I’m lazy.
I am considering a web album to display some stock photography stuff. No, I’m not jumping in to the ever so successful online stock photography sales business. Heh. Just showing a few pics.
Speaking of pics, the flash on the front page of HamWx has been updated. My biggest fans will appreciate the fact that there are a couple more tornadoes than my last flash.

Perhaps I will update this more often in the upcoming week… I won’t know until it gets started but if my schedule turns out to be anything like it has been – you’ll hear from me in about 10 days!

Still here...