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To Chase or Not to Chase

Looking over some morning models and splitting the difference with the 00z run from last night (given the placement changes between the two), I am liking Newton, KS as a chaseable target for today. If things remain as they are right now there should be a discrete cell for a whopping 12.5 minutes before it lines, then turns into a giant MCS. The rain would be nice so I guess whatever mode brings it would be welcome.

F5Data is not putting out current data again. Andy, if you google this and see that I mentioned the slow data - sorry man.
Discussing my target here on the blog pretty much solidifies the fact that I'm not chasing. You never know though. 3 hours isn't too far to drive for a chance of seeing something good. The RUC will really need to start advertising such in the next two runs though.

Bold Move?