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Still here...

Well folks, it turns out taking on a web project when I don't even have time to update my blog on a regular basis just isn't working out for me. I'm not sure I will have pics / logs up at HamWx for quite some time.
I am considering simply leaving it as is since here in the blog is where I do most of my logs and post pics. It is quite disorganized though and I don't like that. I'll determine what to do as time permits. For those of you who have access at WxReel, I WILL continue to update video there, of course!

I had an opportunity to get out and chase on Monday for a little while. Bob and I both had to work all day and were bummed about the situation but work is work and money is money. While I would love to put chasing the top of my list, wife and work trumps my favorite pastime and I just need to learn to accept that.
Regardless, Bob and I still had a helluva chase as we intercepted a cell that went torn warned right as we pulled up to it on HWY 33 near Drumright, OK. Being that it is finally approaching May, plus the nature of the set-up, the storm was moving at chaseable speeds which was a nice change considering how the rest of the year has been.
We chased through Sand Springs, then through downtown Tulsa and finally called it quits a little NE of Catoosa, OK at nightfall. From Drumright until Sand Springs, this storm had a great wall cloud which rotated on a 9 minute cycle. The cycles were very textbook and predictable so moving to the next decent opportunity to film something was very easy.
After we aborted that portion of the chase we ran up to Owasso to see if there was any damage from a huge hail core that moved through with the cell we had just chased. Nothing worth documenting to tape was found so we decided to shoot lightning for a while on a second round of svr that was moving into the Skiatook area just west of our location.
While nothing of great interest was seen, it was a fun chase and even though tons of great torn video was coming out of the OKC area, we were still able to sell our stuff quite well. Can't complain.

I would like to give a great big CONGRATS to Steve Miller TX for his catch Monday. What a great tornado he got right on the Red River near Wichititty Falls.
More info on his catch can be found here.
Also, kudos to Chuck Allison who shot a tornado near Ripley, OK Monday evening.
As far as I know, no one else has video of either of these tornadoes.
Hans Schroeder, Steve Bluford, Kelly Baker and Donald Fugate all shot the El Reno tornado. Nice job and good forecasting!

Update Long Overdue...