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New Toy

For those of you who know me and/or boat with me regularly, I thought I would update you on the fate of the old 6969BJ. The boat was sold today and is now proudly owned by a young family who will really enjoy it. The proud papa and keeper of the cash to pay for the boat was very happy with his new boat and its associated license number...

I ordered our new Mariah SX21 today. It will be delivered in early June and, as you can imagine, I can't wait. I'll post some pictures of it when it arrives. I was hoping to find a good pic or two off the internet to post here but there are not any in the color we ordered with the options we ordered.
As for the awesome license # from the old pontoon; I called every state office I could think of and found there is no way to transfer a license number from one boat to another. Since license numbers are issued in consecutive order, there is no chance of getting anything near as cool as 6969BJ.
I guess it's a good thing I took lots of pictures!

If you are currently upset about gas prices for your car or truck, check these stats for the 5.7L V8 350 Merc I/O I ordered:

Mariah SX21 Power Curve

RPM GPH(Gallons Fuel Per Hour)

Idle 1.0

1,000 1.7

1,500 2.8

2,000 4.8

2,500 5.2

3,000 6.5

3,500 9.1

4,000 15.2

4,500 15.2

4,950 18.6

Weekend Down the Tubes?

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