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Natural Selection...

...Survival of the fittest:
I learned this evening that it is indeed possible to purchase bottle rockets in Oklahoma. In fact, rockets I thought were totally illegal in this fine state can be found just west of Skiatook on hwy 20 in a red & white tent. They are $6 per gross and $3 in MO but I will get over it considering gas prices.
This entry isn't about gas prices and illegal fireworks being sold in OK because it is okay to do anything you want to so long as it is on Indian-owned land, no... This entry is all about survival of the fittest - and smartest.

In the picture above, you will see Matt Patterson, a fellow chaser and all-round good guy, lighting one of the contraband flying explosives we purchased off the Indian land I mentioned above. Please note he is putting safety first and lighting the rocket over three feet away from the oil well, which is the Halliburton standard.
Matt decides to get a little more bold and holds the rocket then lets it take off from his hand.

Matt decides launching from his crotch would be a keen idea.

There was no beer involved in this little trick, just natural progression of the male mind.

Need I say more???

A nice sunset was captured here about fifteen minutes prior to rushing Matt to the emergency room. Just kidding.
Unluckily for Matt, I was the one with the camera this evening. I'm sure if he had his available you would be linked to another blog where you would see pics of me doing stupid stuff too.

Have I mentioned here that 2006 sucks? I keep hearing people say that 2006 is what you make of it. Screw that. 2006 sucks and that is all there is to it. If anyone else tells me to "make the best with what you have" I'm gonna hit them. Making the best of what I have with these gas prices is pure stupidity.

A Favor Returned...