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MeteoEarthHD is stunning. Combined with WeatherPro, it’s functionally stunning!

I downloaded this app upon a peer recommendation when I posed the question; what apps are available for displaying ECMWF basics on a global scale? The combination of these two apps, which are both developed by the MeteoGroup, offer as deep a dive as you would like to take into consumer-grade weather data based on professional grade information.

Real world response:
Now from what I know about people who buy weather apps, some of you will click the link for your device OS below, see the price, then go find a lesser alternative, never be happy but never really know the difference. Others will buy it and complain to the world because the menu on the right has circles rather than squares. The rest of you will dig it as much as I do, then upgrade.

So about this upgrade:
You get what you pay for. The initial app price is $3.99 with in-app purchase options for Days 1-5 for $5.99/year. This in-app purchase provides five day forecasts utilizing the ECMWF, as well as full access to the Tropical Storm Tracker. It also supports checking wind conditions at any altitude right up to the jetstream; and displaying several weather layers (for example, cloud cover, rain or pressure) in combination. One subscription covers premium services on both MeteoEarth and WeatherPro. It’s important to note for those of you who are not immersed in weather, the information you will access is top quality and very expensive to redistribute, hence the cost.

Because the ECMWF, or “Euro” model output is pay-for use, companies who provide the data for their end-users generally restrict redistribution due to a stringent licensing agreement. MeteoEarthHD allows the sharing of all data obtained within the application. Given the nice presentation of weather data and ability to easily share, this app should be popular among social media-savvy meteorologists and arm chair weather junkies alike. In fact, many already use the similar broadcast versions of MeteoEarth.

Go check it out for yourself.