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It's Official

I confirmed today that the work project that would keep me from having a chase vacation this year has been set back a few weeks so I am on for a start date of June 3rd. I will be out for 9 days.
Surly during that period I will have time to make regular updates to the chase blog. We'll see how that works out.
On a different note, it appears the Steve Miller fan club has shifted attention to another chaser who maintains a blog.
The subject that sparked this controversy? Renting cars for the purpose of storm chasing...
Well, apparently having a public opinion on this subject is illeagal according to the storm chase police but I have to say I agree with Don's very brief yet now blown out of proportion opinion.
In defense of Tony L., I have to say his retaliation blog entry was very well written and he explained himself and the situation well.
Being a fellow video salesman, the following line in his entry was awesome:
"And as for the video part of it, I won't spend much time with that. I sell video, its part of the hobby for me. Get over it." GO TONY!
Seems like this subject has been a dark cloud over my head for a long time. If you sell video, you are a target, thats all I can say. Well, almost all - VISIT WXREEL.COM TODAY!
This, as every other chaser opinion instance, will blow over. I can certainly tell there is a lull in atmospheric activity.

Wild ride is over

Mr. Nice Guy