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Glad I didn’t go…

I am very happy with the fact that I am not burning vacation time right now on the chasecation that was previously planned for this week. Bob and I planned on getting out for 9 chase days. About three weeks ago I learned a work-related project would ground me.
Disappointed, I carried on, looking at models along the way to determine how much fun my chase partner would be having on his chase trip while I work.

I saw a lot of potential in yesterday during the days leading up to it. I see some potential up north for the end of the week and weekend too. I can say though, I would have been unhappy with the week if I had actually taken it off for chasing alone.

Bob decided against using vacation time this week as well. Perhaps some long weekends in the next few weeks are in order – otherwise, I’m writing this season off.

On a different note, today is 666, 06/06/06 or June 6, 2006. This is a huge media event apparently.
I'm looking forward to July 7, 2007 personally - I will be in Vegas on that day pulling the slots - that has to be the LUCKY day.

6/6/6 Morning Downburst