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A Favor Returned...

Thanks for the increased hits to the HamWx Blog!

For those who wonder what the hell I am talking about, take a looksie here.

Karen R., Karen L., Karen P., whatever she is calling herself these days in order to be a citizen of this great country, then bitch about it every step of the way, actually took the time to call me out in her blog. While flattered, I have to stick with my earlier statement here in the HamWx blog to which she so graciously referred.

I suppose the hills of the great state of Arkansas will have the distinct opportunity to overhear the finer points of getting a car wash. Only the lucky ones will get to hear the “behind the scenes” action though.

Here's the deal, if you're gonna bash Oklahoma, expect to catch some flack from the people who live in Oklahoma.

Natural Selection...

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