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6/6/6 Morning Downburst

At 5:45AM in mid town Tulsa, only a couple miles from my home, a storm moved in, then collapsed. The pictures I have snapped below were all I could get in the time I was able to be out this evening but I understand there was even more damage a mile north of this location. Also, the primary amusement park in Tulsa lost two rides - one was the ferris wheel.

This is an oak tree near 21st & Yale.

Power is still out in the area - these guys are tree trimmers for the local utility. They are pulling double duty tonight I suppose.

Click on this picture and take a look at the house on the left.

What is really sick is I hear there has been some looting from homes where residents went to work today as well as while homeowners were busy helping thier their fellow neighbors.
On top of that, the regular ol' crooks are out trying to sell generators, tree trimming services (provided for free by the city during events like this), inflated roof patches, etc.

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