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Viva Las Vegas

Andie and I are spending time in Las Vegas this week for a little pleasure and a little business. Here are some pics I took earlier at about the same time Kingfisher County, Oklahoma was under a tornado warning. I will start posting here when I leave town so everyone can plan to chase. All I have to do is leave the state and tornadoes / severe weather WILL occur.
Pic off the raised sidewalk that leads to the nearest Starbucks - um, as well as Fashion Show Mall.

We are staying at The Wynn hotel. Let me tell ya, this place is insane. The Ferrari dealership in the lobby is a nice touch. The fact that the most inexpensive thing on the room service menu is $38 is a little extreme. A 20oz bottle of Pepsi is $4.00 room service and lobby price. I can drink an import beer for $3.50. Guess I'll sacrifice and drink the beer...
I'm all about capitalism but this is a little crazy. Ya pay that much for a suite and they kill ya on food and fun! Oh well, I guess that's why we all have jobs, right? We make money to enjoy it, right? Something like that.
I highly recommend staying at the Wynn. It is quite the place - and brand new!
Here is a poorly lit picture of me working on something. Notice the Mirage and the rest of the strip in the background. Can't complain about the view right now as I type either. It is dark and everything is lit up.
I love coming to Vegas.
There is a well armed house sitter at my home back in Oklahoma right now, that is the only reason I am sharing vacation pics with the public.

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