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Took a drive through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in south-central Oklahoma on Saturday. This reserve is near Turner Falls and anyone who reads my blog here knows how I feel about that place

The website reads:

Springs, streams, lakes-whatever it’s form, water is the attraction at Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Little Niagra, and Rock Creek beckons waders and swimmers. Relax in the coolness of shaded stream or take a dip in a swimming hole. Veterans Lake calls anglers to test their skills. Lake of the Arbuckles provides excellent motorboating, skiing, fishing and swimming.

I agree there is a lot of water but most of it was standing and many areas were closed due to stagnant water. Waterfalls are all man-made low water dams and all but one natural spring was flowing and I suspect that water was pumped in (top two pictures). The springs that feed the area are part of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer which, in recent years, has been well tapped into for municipal, commercial and farming needs so flow is low and many attractions in the park are impacted. Pretty sad, really.  

Overall though, the area was beautiful. Driving through you’d think you were in a different state; perhaps Arkansas. Thick wooded areas are apparently home to a lot of fearless deer too. We managed to get one to pose for us. They must be pretty accustomed to people being around. This buck didn’t seem to mind at all.

So, if you’re driving through the area, take a trip through this recreation area and let me know what YOU think. 

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