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Lots of Tropical weather to look at today! 

Starting with the newly upgraded Hurricane Bertha:
Even though Bertha is very unorganized, it has a 998mb minimum central pressure and is producing maximum surface winds of 80mph. The storm is expected to maintain intensity for the next 24 hours after which time should turn toward the northeast and accelerate in the flow between a mid-tropospheric anticyclone over the southwestern Atlantic and a broad trough moving off the United States east coast. The main threat to the U.S. East Coast? Big waves…

Category 3 Hurricane Iselle has its targets set on the Hawaiian Islands but there isn’t a whole lot to be concerned about as it’ll be a Tropical Storm upon entering the vicinity Thurs/Fri with max winds around 60mph. Why? A mid-level high is forecast to develop and strengthen between Hawaii and California, forcing Iselle to turn west-northwestward and accelerate as it approaches and moves near the Hawaiian Islands. This greatly impedes favorable dynamics for maintenance of the storm.

Finally, Tropical Storm Julio is taking a very similar track as Iselle at this time but will soon change to a more westerly direction. This direction and timing will enable Julio to tap into more favorable conditions for development. Expect Hurricane status within 48 hours and 90mph winds at 96-120 hours.

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