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Insanity, Squared

Next month I will be the ripe old age of 30.
More than 5 years were subtracted from my overall lifespan last night when Justin Teague took me for a ride in his new car.
This isn't any normal ol' car. This crazy son-of-a-bitch bought a rocket.
The frame and body are that of a Toyota MR2; this is where the likeness stops.
With tires wider than a vette on the rear-wheel drive, 3000lb Toyota, a turbo charger and intercooler, crazy exhaust and neat electronics that display every measurable engine stat in real-time, this is one very scary vehicle.
Cruising down 41st street in Tulsa last night on the way to a beer or two was when I lost that 5 years I mentioned above. Justin punched it, the rear tires quickly released, then grabbed again and launch we did. I was pinned against the seat, unable to move due to g-forces pushing me waaay back in the seat. Adrenaline pumped that was reminiscent to a middle-school fight.
I enjoy fast cars. My truck has over 350hp - it is very quick. I have driven faster vehicles from Mustang Cobras to a Porsche GT3. I have sat in Kelly Bakers Mustang race car when he "got on it".
Never have I felt speed like that of Justins new car. If you know Justin, have him take you for a ride. HINT: slip on some adult diapers - you WILL need them.

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