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If The Shoe Fits...

Sometimes shopping for things really irritates me.
I am taking a nice little trip this upcoming week and spent today trying to prepare by buying a few items I need to pack.

My petty rant will start with the fact that I can't ever find anything remotely near the same type of toothbrush from one month to the next. Why is that? Is there really a groundbreaking new trend in the toothbrush industry that requires a redesign that often? I have often wondered why a piece of molded plastic with a bunch of tiny strands of cheap plastic at one end would cost a minimum of $3.00. I'll attribute that to the ever-present cost of research & development...

Less offensive, yet still confusing is the deodorant brands and scents. I am an Old Spice deodorant type of guy (like you really care). I believe a self respecting guy will select any scent he must wear on his body by what is desirable to him and/or what he thinks will be desirable to others.
Unless you are wearing your grandpa's brand, I'm sure you run in to the same problem I do - the brand you like discontinues the scent you like... This seems simple - just change your scent, Steve. It is not that simple. Why? I don't know.
Old Spice, please quit making me stand in the isle at the grocery store sniffing the tops of sticks of deodorant... Thanks

The most offensive has to do with dress shoes. I am a BIG fan of dress shoes.
I can tell a lot about a businessman by his shoes. Yes, if you are sporting Rockports or Dockers shoes with a pair of slacks, you are saying a lot about yourself. Since I suspect some of you might fall in to this category, I will spare you my discourse. Don't get me wrong, if you have a job where you are required to look nice but you don’t deal with clients or other people outside of your company, by all means, wear the oil resistant rubber soled "dress shoes" with treads.

My favorite brand of shoe is Johnston & Murphy
Johnston & Murphy has had an unfortunate trend for about the past 5 years or so with the release of many, many different styles. They are not sticking with the styles at all. I remember being able to wear a pair of these shoes out and go back to where I got them and buy a pair just like them. Now, like buying anything else, I have to pick out a new style and hope it works well with my slacks and suits. I can see this being common practice with tennis shoe brands - what ever happened to a dress shoe style lasting for ten-years?

I must be getting old.

Those "Tulsa Chasers"

WxWorx for me!