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Okay, just kidding. I have no idea what the potential is for a hurricane next week but some people claim they do which has brought out the weather-folk who like to spin their social media wheels worrying about a ninth-grader in a basement in Iowa influencing the public via his 500-follower Twitter account.

While that was likely the longest run-on sentence you’ll read all week, it’s both valid and asinine. I am not going to bat for the ninth-grader in Iowa or any other person who can read the pretty colors and throw out an idea. I’m simply saying if you have 140 characters to talk about whether there is potential for a hurricane next week or not, take those 140 characters to be the resource on the matter, not complain about it.

Telling people you’re the go-to source is not near as effective as BEING the go-to source. Try harder.

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